Seattle Meditation Center

Brief History

The Seattle Meditation Center was established twenty years ago by a small Thai community around north Seattle. In the beginning, the gathering was presided over by Buddhist monks who represented the Dhammakaya Temple of Thailand. At that time, we were located at 852 N.E 83 rd Street in Seattle.

At the start of construction, there was only a small group of Thai people who gathered to promote good deeds through meditation. With its meditation practice, the Seattle Meditation Center has grown and served more and more people, not only within the Buddhist community but also among local people who are interested in our teachings.

With an increasing number of members, the Seattle Meditation Center has expanded so much as to require a new location. Thus, we have chosen the facility at 21910 44th Avenue West, Mountlake Terrace, to be our new home. This facility has more space for the monks and laypeople to do their practice. The main hall can hold more than 80 participants. There are more rooms for group meditation and occasional religious ceremonies. Besides this, this location also provides office space, plenty of parking lots, a play area for children, and a well-ventilated dining area.

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